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    Kim Bum Philippines Official Guidelines

    Post by doppelmachi on Sun Jun 14, 2009 12:15 am


    Participation in the Official Kim Bum Philippines website constitutes agreement to the following guidelines, which apply to posts, profile information, avatars, signatures, any other content on this site and participation in general. This includes private messages, which we have the ability to read, but only do so when a violation is reported to us or we have a legitimate reason. Although rare, it does happen.

    Because of the live nature of the discussions on this community, it is not possible for us to review and/or confirm the accuracy or validity of a message before it is posted. If you believe that someone has violated our User Guidelines or you have spotted content that may otherwise require attention, please send a private message to me or a staff member with a link to the content and a brief description of what you believe is wrong. Notification is voluntary and anonymous, but in no case should a user respond to a situation personally, thereby aggravating the situation further. Responding to a violation in an inflammatory manner is a violation in itself and will result in appropriate action.

    This is a non profit website that will not attempt to generate revenue through avenues that we deem for personal need/s of any staffs or members. Any content that violates our User Guidelines will be removed. Interpretation of our guidelines is at the discretion of the staffs.

    1. No BASHING/FLAMING of words. We should respect each other even though we're from different FCs..We're all friends here..

    2. Do not post false informations. We know this action is punishable by law (libel case) and This is to make the forum clean and to ensure that rule #1 will not be occurred.

    3. No double posting. Double posts are a big mess in the forum so be observant in your posts to avoid confusions. In case you miss something on your post, feel free to contact any mods for assistance.

    4. Post in Thumbnail form. The standard size of pictures in a Bulletin Board is 600x480 pixels. If it exceeds this size you should re-upload the image before posting and also to give way to the members that have slow internet connection.

    5. Dont make signature and avatars big. Avatars and signatures should be in their proper size. Maximum size for the avatar should not exceed 150KB and 100x100 pixels in dimensions. Maximum size of the signature would be 300KB and 400x180 pixels in dimensions. We only allow 1 image in signature so please be aware of this.

    For text you could only use 5 lines for tiny size, 4 lines small size, 3 lines for normal size, 2 lines for large size and 1 line for huge size.

    6. NO SEXUALLY EXPLICIT MATERIAL. Do not post any images, links or any form of pornography. The person that will be caught will be automatically banned in our forum.

    7. No hot-linking of image or any other downloads. If you want to post other Forums/Sites content/s, you should post a link to that site instead of posting the contents. Stealing is a criminal case.

    8. No ALL CAPS. do not post in all capital letters unless you are pointing some words that needs to be capitalized.

    9. Reply with sensible thoughts. No more "Thanks for sharing" reply. Your post or reply must contain not less than 20 words.

    10. Respect all the staffs. Respect their decisions especially the administrators and moderators. What we do is for the good sake of everyone.

    If there are any clarifications, bad reactions or comments feel free to contact any of the administrators via private message.

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